LL Cool J Tells Kanye To Stop Bitching

'They remind me of me when I first started,' LL adds of his 'Main Chick' collaborators Kid Ink and Tyga during an 'Arsenio' visit.

Given how long he's been in the game, LL Cool J has earned the right to hold his praise for young MCs until the time is right. And, we're not suggesting Uncle L is stingy with his props, but let's just say when he was on the "Arsenio" show on Monday night we sat up and took notice when he name-dropped some of his favorite contemporaries.

"I think there's a lot of good music out there," LL said when Arsenio asked which artists he thought were hot right now. "I think there are a lot of artists that are really doing well. I just a remix with a great young artist, Kid Ink. Me, Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga. They remind me of me when I first started, so I was happy to get on the record."

On the DJ Whoo Kid remix of Kid's "Main Chick," LL flexes a bit of his old school playboy muscle. "I'll have you in the shower doing pirouettes/Playing with the light switch watching your silhouette," he raps. "Naked in the limo/We both rockin' Timbos." And that's about all we can repeat here of the X-rated bars.

And while LL had nice things to say about Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, he took a bit of a shot at Kanye West in the process. Offering up some advice to his young charge, LL said he likes 'Ye "when he's not complaining," adding, "I love you man, but stop complaining."

Knowing that West isn't one to let a slight go by without comment, LL immediately realized he'd stepped in it. "He's gonna tear me up," the "NCIS: Los Angeles" star laughed. "Don't hit me!"

Later on in the show, LL gave a taste of one of his classics, the original hip-hop heart melter, "I Need Love," straight from Arsenio's couch.