11 'Heroes' Who Should (And Should Not) Be 'Reborn'

With NBC bringing 'Heroes' back in 2015, which characters from the original series should (and shouldn't) come back?

"Heroes Reborn" is a thing that's happening. NBC plans to bring the superhero series back to life for a 13-episode event series in 2015, with the network teasing that a few characters from the original series could return.

But which characters should make a "Heroes" comeback? And which ones need to stay home? Here are our thoughts on the matter:

Hiro Nakamura — Come Back!

Can you have "Heroes" without Hiro? I vote no. The time-traveling sword-slinger is the most iconic character from "Heroes" lore, and remains one of few characters that even the most jaded fans have fondness for. Even if it's only as a one-off guest appearance, Hiro needs to return.

Ando Masahashi — Stay Home!

It breaks my heart to say that Ando needs to stay on the bench. It's not James Kyson's fault, either; his performance as Ando was one of the highlights of the series. But the writers giving Ando the super-battery powers broke the character, ripping him from everyman status and turning him into a living reminder of why "Heroes" no longer worked. Sorry, Ando.

Jack Bennet — Come Back!

It appears that Jack Coleman is available for a return appearance; the actor recently completed a guest arc on "Scandal," but has no series commitments to speak of at the moment. HRG is one of the great unpowered characters of "Heroes," while still being deeply rooted in the super-mythology. It would be great to have him back to thread the needle of a new era.

Claire Bennet — Stay Home!

HRG's daughter, however, doesn't need to resurface. Sure, she was at the forefront of the superhero coming-out party at the end of "Heroes." But Hayden Panettiere is well and busy with her role on "Nashville." No need to wrest her away from her country show to live and die and live and die and live some more again on "Heroes Reborn."

Peter Petrelli — Come Back!

But only for a scene or two. Milo Ventimiglia is tied up with a new ABC series, "The Visitors," so he likely couldn't get away for long. Beyond that, Peter's story has been told many times over. There's one compelling story left to tell with the character: Peter's death. That's right — I'm advocating for Peter Petrelli's return, only to die in the premiere, as a means of kicking off the "Reborn" mystery. That's my fanfic and I'm sticking to it.

Nathan Petrelli — Stay Home!

Adrian Pasdar's super-powered politician was my personal favorite character on "Heroes." But the writers killed him, then brought him back to life via Sylar, then killed him again. He's gone. There's no plausible way or incentive to bring him back.

Matt Parkman — Come Back!

Like Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg seems available for another shot at "Heroes." And why not bring him back? The mind-reading Parkman is one of the more lovable characters on "Heroes," and there's a natural way to fit him into the story alongside HRG. The world could always use more Greg Grunberg.

Mohinder Suresh — Stay Home!

Like Ando, "Heroes" messed up by giving Suresh super-powers. It killed the character, plain and simple. There's nothing more to do with the good doctor.

Maya Herrera — Come Back!

Because the world deserves more black goo cry-face.

Ali Larter — Stay Home!

Because the world can't keep track of another Ali Larter "Heroes" character.

Sylar — Maybe Come Back?

The villainous empath has done and seen a lot on "Heroes" already. Likewise, Zachary Quinto is an understandably busy and in-demand actor. Do we really need more Sylar?

Well ... maybe there's a way. Sylar has shape-shifting abilities, after all. What if there's a new character in the "Heroes" mix — say, the same person who kills Peter in my far-out fanfic — who secretly turns out to be Sylar? That could be a fun, late-game twist.

Bottom-line: if there isn't an original, shocking way to include Sylar, then his time on "Heroes" should be at an end. Otherwise, there could be a reason to bring the killer villain back.

Which characters should and should not return for the "Heroes" reboot?