Pink, Katy Perry, Becky G Tell Girls 'You Can' Do Anything: Watch Now

Fellow COVERGIRLs Ellen DeGeneres and Janelle Monae want you to follow your dreams, turn 'can'ts into cans' in new ad.

Ask any woman out there and she'll agree that there has been at least one time in her life when someone has uttered two dreadful two words to her: "you can't."

You can't follow your dreams, become the person you want to be, and so on. To help prove just how false that is, COVERGIRL and some of their very A-list spokeswomen have launched a new campaign called Girls Can. Katy Perry, Pink, Ellen DeGeneres, Becky G, Janelle Monae and more turn up in the new ad to encourage girls to take challenges, break down barriers and turn "can'ts into cans."

In the 60-second commercial, DeGeneres appears first saying, "Girls can't. Sometimes you hear it, but more often you feel it."

Each of the COVERGIRLs take turns saying things that people have told them girls can't do, like Monae, who shares that "girls can't dance crazy," while Katy adds that "girls can't be strong," and rapper Becky G sharing "girls can't rap."

"I was always told singers should really just sing," Pink said. "I thought, 'OK, let's challenge that whole notion.' I like it when people say you can't do something."

Pink and her fellow COVERGIRLs have of course demonstrated how wrong the doubters were, a fact underscored in the commercial, which goes on to illustrate their many accomplishments. What's more, the ad gives girls tips on how they can achieve their own dreams by being courageous and just being ... yourself.

"Rap, be funny, be off the wall, rock, be strong, run the show," each spokeswoman says before DeGeneres closes out the commercial with: "Make the world a little more easy, breezy and beautiful."

Now that's what we call a #covermoment.

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