Forget Geisha Performances, Katy Perry's A Glow-In-The-Dark Egyptian Now

Katy's BRIT Awards performance channels the Queen of the Nile.

Katy Perry went cultural again.

After some backlash surrounding her geisha performance at the 2013 American Music Awards, KP surprisingly decided to go in the same route. But this time she took to the stage at the 2014 Brit Awards as an Egyptian.

Like the Queen of the Nile, Katy had her guards carry her to center-stage for "Dark Horse." The dancers were buff, sporting neon spandex. Although things got Roman with their gilded military helmets and Katy's chariot, the singer was still able to get her Cleopatra on with silky Elizabeth Taylor hair and a phoenix-feathered cape.

Perry seemed to be recycling some of her Grammy Awards choreography, doing that bouncy move she's good at and the arm thrusts. Her dancers did most of the work while she struck poses and ad-libbed. Somehow twerking snuck its way into the performance, and it actually went pretty well with the dancers' neon yellow miniskirts.

The maybe-engaged Katy didn't seem to be wearing the ring she was photographed wearing Tuesday night, but then again, we Americans are like 4,000 miles away from the Brit Awards, so it was hard to see.