6 Reasons Why Katy Perry Probably Got Engaged

Besides the fact that she's wearing a giant ring.

Katy Perry showed up to the 2014 Elle Style Awards in London wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress, pointy pumps, and ... wait, hold up... is that an engagement ring?!?

Before she was named the U.K. Woman Of The Year by the mag, the singer strutted the red carpet with a glittery (and enormous), what-seems-to-be diamond ring on her left hand, showing it proudly to hungry photogs. Could this mean that boyfriend John Mayer finally popped the question? MTV News reached out to Katy's rep for confirmation but hadn't heard back by press time.

Here are all the reasons we think that Katy said "yes" (based on a quick poll of the engaged women in the office):

1. She Just Got A Manicure

When you get engaged, you don't just show off your ring right away. Before sharing a snap of your hand on Facebook, ladies usually get manicures first. And it looks like KP is sporting a glossy new shade of lacquer...

2. "I Will Love You Un-con-di-shon-al-lee"

Do I even have to point out the lovey dovey lyrics in her last album, Prism? Everything she sang about — unconditional love, walking on air, legendary lovers — has been preparing us for this moment. What you don't know... John Mayer actually used Juicy J's "Dark Horse" verse to propose.

3. If There's A Mechanical Bull Involved, There's Love Involved

That is an old proverb that I just made up. What I'm referring to is Katy and John's emotionally cheesy "Bound 2" parody "Who You Love" video, where Perry holds onto her BF while balancing on a bull. They held on tight ... and so did their relationship, which means we're hearing wedding bells.

4. They Been Like, Really Braggy Lately, Right?

Remember that press tour that the couple went on to promote that video? It's sort of like the equivalent of repeating your engagement story to dozens of friends and family members. Having to describe the same thing over and over? Katy's more than ready to brag about how happy she is, we think.

5. She Already Seems More Adult-like

When one of my coworkers got engaged, she wore red lipstick and silk blouses to work the entire week afterward. I'm not saying that you become more feminine when you get engaged, but, according to the taken ladies in the newsroom, maybe a little more mature? Katy's red carpet look from Tuesday night echoes '50s housewife with a silk, floral dress and a curly bob. Hmmm... peculiar...

6. She's Not Posing Like That For The Hell Of It

When you acquire a giant diamond rock from your boyfriend, you don't just put your hands in your pocket. She's all dressed up in that '50s housewife red-carpet look, and she's putting her hand on her hip for a reason.