It's Man Crush Monday: Why Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Is Heating Winter Up

Olympic silver medalist saves puppies... and melts our hearts.

You may have seen Gus Kenworthy winning silver medals at the Sochi Olympics, but it's what he's been up to off the slopes that has us crushing on him. Why? Because he has been saving stray puppies. I repeat, he's saving puppies.

Gus was heartbroken when heard that overpopulation was forcing the city to kill stray dogs. So, he's trying to take home five dogs (one mother and four puppies) and has been trying to get others vaccinated and into kennels.

As soon as we got wind of that there was no question that Gus had to be MTV News' pick for #ManCrushMonday. Need more proof? See below.

Like what you see? You can see Gus next week during, MTV's "Retromania," as MTV takes a look back at the Olympics past and present.

He Looks GreatIn Red, White And Blue

He Meets His Goals

Gus + Puppy= Swoon

Gus + 4 Puppies = Heart Melt

He Likes to Share

Proud to Be an American

He Loves His Mom