'The Walking Dead': Everything You Missed On 'Inmates'

Big returns, and shocking introductions lead to our favorite episode so far this season.

On this week's episode of "The Walking Dead" we didn't just get two shocking returns and some major character introductions. We also got a unique structure, where we looped back in time after every commercial break to see how other survivors of the prison massacre are doing... And how they often nearly miss each other on the road.

To honor that, we're going to (mostly) outline the biggest moments in the episode by characters. Here's everything you missed on "Inmates:"

Daryl & Beth

Talk about your odd couples! Beaming Beth and Dour Daryl pair up to fight zombies, and now we're straight up shipping the hick and Hershel's youngest daughter. We hear Beth reading from her diary on the first day the group moved into the prison, ironically juxtaposed with their current, hopeless scenario. "If you don't have hope, what's the point of living?" asks Beth, before finding out first hand, vultures circling her exhausted body. Don't worry, Beth... Daryl will comfort you with his strong, redneck hands. To the fanfic!

Tyreese & Daughters... And Judith!

In another odd pairing, Tyreese is saddled with kids Lizzie and Mika... And Judith, who it turns out is not dead. Perhaps Tyreese thought, "I'll leave a puddle of blood in Judith's carrier, so Rick knows she's okay." Or perhaps he's an idiot. Regardless, of all the dire straights you could be in, a crying kid who needs constant milk and diaper changes is not one you want to be stuck in, in a zombie apocalypse.

Lizzie Smothers Judith (Not With Love)

In the episode's most disturbing scene, Lizzie and Mika are left on their own with Judith by Tyreese (for some reason [he's an idiot]), and Judith won't stop crying. So Lizzie does what any borderline psychotic tween would do: she puts her hand over Judith's mouth and nose, and almost smothers her to death.

Saved By The Carol

...And in our second big return, Carol shows up to save Lizzie and Mika from walkers, and Judith from Lizzie. If you remember, Carol left the prison before everything went down, exiled by Rick after killing Tyreese's girlfriend. Tyreese doesn't know that, and she immediately lies to him. She also seems more than a little uncomfortable to be back taking care of Lizzie, Mika, and Judith, even if she jumps right back into the role. It's going to be fascinating to see what happens next. By which we mean it's going to be interesting watching Tyreese hammer her to death.

Sanctuary Returns

Oh, and remember when Daryl momentarily heard someone plug "sanctuary" on the radio? We hear that again tonight from a dying man, and this time see a sign that says, "Sanctuary for all, community for all those who arrive, survive." Plus, we get a name for this place: Terminus. Sounds promising!

Maggie & Sasha & Bob

Sasha and Bob get sucked along on Maggie's quest to find Glenn, who was last seen on the last bus out of the prison. When they get to the bus, it's filled with the dead... And the last walker Maggie kills looks a lot like Glenn. We're cut to commercial with her sobbing on a bus seat, left hanging, until...


Glenn is totally okay, and in fact somehow back in the prison! Not only that, but having a remarkable recovery from Spanish Flu, enough so he can get in his iconic (to comic book readers) riot gear and smash his way out. Before leaving though, he runs into Tara who is despondent after realizing she joined the wrong side by helping out the Governor. They fight their way out of the prison, and we get one last badass statement from Glenn. "Who's Maggie?" Tara asks when Glenn explains he needs to find Maggie. "She's my wife," Glenn states plainly. That should settle that, shippers.

The Trio

And then, our big cliffhanger. To fans of the books, this is a huge moment as Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are incredibly important characters to the forward movement of the plot. We won't spoil how they play in, but suffice to say... Goddamn, that was one great introduction.

What did you think of "Inmates?" What was your favorite moment?