Ke$ha Meets Destiny's Child On Bella Thorne's Debut Album

Former Disney star says she wants 'a song for everyone' on her upcoming album.

Bella Thorne may be known for her role on the Disney Channel's "Shake it Up," but the 16-year-old is saying goodbye to her Disney days for now, and saying hello to Hollywood.

Thorne has several movies lined up for 2014, including "Blended," which sees her starring alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. On top of preparing for that role (she'll play Sandler's daughter), Thorne has been working on her debut album.

"I don't think people realize how much work it takes to make an album," Thorne told MTV News on Tuesday (February 11). "I'm in the studio for hours in that tiny little box and really the performing part is what I'm most excited about."

Thorne, who follows in a long list of Disney-stars-turned-musicians, is hoping to release her single in "a few months," with the album following shortly after and promises that there will be a song on the album that fits everyone's musical tastes.

"Everything is very different so it is hard to say I have some Coachella music, I have some R&B, some more Ke$ha talk-y music," Thorne revealed. "I wanted there to be a song for everyone I don't want it to just be you hear a song on the radio and say, 'Oh that kinda sounds like Bella Thorne,' like she would sing a song like that. I want it to be so versatile and different."

Thorne, who said she's been listening to a wide variety of music to get inspiration, from Usher to Destiny's Child to Band of Horses, hints that there will be a collaboration on the album, but unfortunately for "Shake it Up" fans, it won't be with her former co-star Zendaya, at least not right now.

"I think for sure we will, she is so concentrated on her music she has really an incredible voice and she's gone so far and so into it," Thorne said. "That would just be awesome, I think especially when we are older that would just be so cool."