'LEGO Movie': 4 Directions The Sequel Could Go In

With a follow-up in the works, we combed for clues about what's next.


"The LEGO Movie" has everything going for it that a movie could possibly need to get a sequel. The critics love it. It was a huge hit at the box office this past weekend. And there are endless merchandise opportunities. A follow-up makes complete business sense, but from a story perspective, where could a sequel take Emmett and Lucy née Wyldstyle?

"The LEGO" movie actually gives some potential roads that a sequel could eventually go down, some more obvious than others. Since we can't get enough of the molded-plastic adventure, just like the rest of the world, we've run down what we think a "LEGO Movie" sequel might include.

The Sister

The most obvious hand tip of where a sequel might be headed comes at the very end of "The LEGO Movie," when the creations of Finn's younger sister arrive to destroy Brickburg. If a sequel were to continue the story of the LEGOs in that particular basement, those monsters will certainly play a role.


The more badass arm of the LEGO universe had the briefest of cameos in the "LEGO Movie," mentioned as one of the worlds that didn't really matter, but considering the popularity of Bionicle just a few years ago, it seems like a logical place to go with the story. The line ran for ten years and became the obsession of a particular set of boys growing up.


The link between LEGO and Duplo popped up in small references in "The LEGO Movie," but we think that the retro brand has some serious potential for a sequel setting.


How do you include DC superheroes, "Star Wars" characters, Gandalf and Dumbledore, and not include a single Marvel character? Obviously, it's possible that the house of Spider-Man and Captain America wouldn't sign off on LEGO including their characters, but if they're given a central role in the sequel, perhaps Marvel will let Iron Man make an appearance.