Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Gets A T-Painful Remix

T-Pain's new 'T-Mix' of Lorde's hit completely misses the point, and we're fine with that.

T-Pain just can’t help himself.

The Ace of Auto-Tune has returned from wherever he’s been hiding (Tallahassee?) with an irony-free cover of Lorde’s Grammy-winning “Royals,” which turns the original’s anti-bling sentiments into a celebration of the extravagant life … and a shout-out to everyone’s favorite blended Canadian whiskey.

Officially dubbed the “T-Mix,” Pain’s version finds him reflecting on just how far he’s come — “Seems like yesterday we was drinking Crown Royal,” he robo croons — while, at the same time, marveling at his fleet of automobiles (“Look at all these Cadillacs on 20s!”) and celebrating his rather, uh, unique fashion sensibilities (“Cowboy hat and a hubcap for a chain.”)

He also shouts out Florida’s capital and dismisses his inevitable detractors, declaring “We don’t really give a f—/Now they trying to hate on us/And I just party on my bus,” before finally proclaiming “Lemme see you get loose, girl/everything is on me … let me live that fantasy!”

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