Move Over Destiny’s Child: LeToya Luckett Found A New Group

Former DC singer joins cast of VH1's hit series 'Single Ladies' as the 'ice cold' Felicia Price.

She’s best known as a founding member of Destiny’s Child, and now, LeToya Luckett has joined forces with a new group of girls. The Grammy Award-winning singer plays the role of an unsympathetic record executive on the third season of VH1′s hit series “Single Ladies.”

“I play a boss by the name of Felicia Price, who is — people think she’s a mean girl, she can be ice cold, I wouldn’t want to personally work for her — but she’s just about her business and runs her company a certain way, and she’s a woman of power and she deserves, or demands, a type of respect,” LeToya told MTV News. “I try and add a little comedic flare to it so people don’t hate her all the way but she’s a lot of fun to play.”

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Although the 32-year-old says the character is her “total opposite,” LeToya has learned she does have a thing or two in common with Felicia.

“I love Felicia’s confidence, and I learned a lot about who I was by playing this part,” she said. “It’s so funny when you have moments like that, like, ‘You know what? I like walking with my shoulders back and my head up and demanding a certain type of respect! Why shouldn’t I do this every day?’ But I enjoy her; I enjoy playing Felicia.”

While LeToya is optimistic Felicia will have a love interest in the coming episodes — “Whoever he is, he has to be a strong man because she’s a wildcat” — unfortunately, it could never be played by her man crush.

“I don’t have a man crush! Well, I did: Paul Walker was my man crush, so if there was ever a chance, oh God, that would’ve been great,” LeToya shared. “I wouldn’t have known any of my lines, I would’ve totally missed everything just looking at him, so I probably would’ve been fired, but he was such a gorgeous man. Oh, those blue eyes and that smile, in love with him, rest in peace.”

To see LeToya in action, check out an all-new episode of “Single Ladies” Monday night (February 3) at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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