Love Is A Lie: The Puppy And Horse In That Bud Commercial Have A Big Secret

Budweiser had us believing in love again with their Super Bowl spot. We were fools.

The high-point of last night’s Super Bowl — aside from, you know, a team winning and Bruno Mars singing — was undoubtedly Budweiser’s touching commercial featuring a puppy and a Clydesdale falling love. We have it on good authority, however, that their love affair was all a lie. And we do, of course, mean this over-dramatically.

MTV News reached out to Budweiser to find out the facts behind the popular commercial only to be told that eight puppies were featured in the spot, as well as 17 Clydesdales. That means, friends, that the animals doubled up on acting duties — much like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on “Full House.”

“Each of the puppies and horses were trained to do specific ‘talents,’” a rep from Budweiser told MTV News. “So like one puppy dug under the fence, one nuzzled the horse, one walked with the group of horses, etc. Same with the horses.”

It took three months for the horses in question to master those skills — and to trick us all into believing in a love that could never be.

When asked if any of the puppies and horses seemed particularly smitten with each other, the rep said: “I don’t think they really had enough time to interact one-on-one to become TRUE friends — but anecdotally, our Clydesdale ranchers have seen friendships form between the horses and this particular breed of dogs, which is why they used Golden Labs.”

So, well, at least it’s possible, right?

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for MTV News as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN and co-authored the blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." She likes trying not to die in moshpits and listening to songs on repeat. Follow her on Twitter @BrennaEhrlich for news on cats and punk bands.