It's Man Crush Monday! 'Vampire Academy' Star Dominic Sherwood Doesn't Suck

His character may have fire magic, but he's hot all on his own.

He may play a fire-controlling vampire in the upcoming "Vampire Academy," but Dominic Sherwood most assuredly does not suck. He's so not-sucky, in fact, that we're crushing on him this week, making him MTV News' pick for #ManCrushMonday.

We'll get to feast our eyes on Sherwood in the flick February 7, when he shows us just how literally he takes his title of hottie: Sherwood plays Christian Ozeri, a moody dude who just so happens to have a healthy dose of fire magic in his veins.

And we'll let you in on a little secret: it seems like Sherwood himself has a little magic, because he's certainly cast a spell on us.

Here are a few reasons we're enchanted with this week's man crush, Dominic Sherwood.

He Has His Priorities In Line

He Thinks Magic Is Awesome

We Love To See Him Go

He Gets Straight To The Point