'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Super Bowl Spot: Here's An Early Look

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone swing into Super Bowl Sunday with a brand-new commercial, and here's your first look!

There's an epic battle brewing and threatening to spill over on Sunday — and no, we're not just talking about Seattle versus Denver.

During Super Bowl Sunday, Sony will unleash a new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" preview out into the wild. But today, 30 seconds of that Super Bowl spot are already available, offering an early look at what Spidey-fans are in store for. In short: expect a lot of action and a lot of danger.

The 30-second preview sees Spidey slugging it out with Electro, the deadly new villain played by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. The wall-crawler also spins webs against the tricked-out Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti in what's rumored to be little more than a cameo. But there are other threats in play, too, including some missiles shot right through New York City, with nobody but Spider-Man available to stop them.

Beyond the massive action, the "Spider-Man" spot sheds some light on the film's more dialogue-heavy scenes. At one point, Electro issues a deadly warning to the "Amazing" crime-fighter: "You wanted to be the hero. Now you're going to pay the price."

"Nothing is what I thought it was," Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker tells his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Emma Stone's character replies, "This is bigger than you, Peter."

To punctuate that last point, the 30-second preview ends with Gwen falling from a great height — sure to startle any fan that knows about Gwen's comic book history. But just as Gwen's about to go splat, in swings Spidey to catch her and save the day. Here's hoping that's the end of the danger surrounding Gwen's life — but somehow, we doubt it.

The full "Amazing Spider-Man 2" preview will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, and the full film swings into theaters on May 2.

What do you think of the "Spider-Man" Super Bowl preview?