'Girls,' 'True Blood,' 'Game Of Thrones': We Crown The Most Naked Show

'Girls' gets a lot of heat for showing skin, but does it reveal the most out of these five shows?

When it comes to TV and those parts of our bodies usually obscured by layers of clothing, black bars, or blurred lines — people sure like to talk. Especially with regard to actress/writer/director Lena Dunham's hit HBO show, "Girls."

A question that Dunham is asked often — and sometimes to controversial effect -- is: "Why is there so much nudity on your show?" Dunham's now well-worn answer? As she told a reporter who later got into a heated argument with executive producer Judd Apatow: "It's because it's a realistic expression of what it's like to be alive."

Yup, not all of us can be Never Nude — despite the plethora of cut-off jeans to be had on this great spinning world of ours. Sometimes we have to shower. Or play topless ping-pong. Like ya do.

When it comes to nudity on the TV — and all the kerfluffles it seems to inspire — MTV News got to wondering: How does "Girls" stack up against other flesh-filled shows? So, we enlisted a team of eager interns (a.k.a very lucky people) to do the research, and this is what they uncovered.

The most nekked show out of the five screened...?

Drumroll please...

...is "True Blood," which, we suppose, is a realistic expression of what it is to be undead.

Check out our very thorough infographic below: