Will My Krazy Life Bring YG Mainstream Success? Compton Rapper Looks Ahead

YG is putting the final touches on his Def Jam debut My Krazy Life, and he's ready to step out of the underground.

YG is still putting the finishing touches on his debut album My Krazy Life, so he definitely wasn't thrilled when his collaboration with Drake leaked months early. No sweat though, because the Compton rapper says that it's only setting him up to make waves with a mainstream audience in March.

"Who Do You Love," with production from DJ Mustard, leaked back in December featuring a prized guest verse from Drizzy. "I was hot when the record leaked," YG told MTV News on the set of his video for "My N---a (remix)," Monday night. "I was real hot, because that was supposed to come out right, but it don't matter though. The record's picking up and everybody's loving the record, so it's still a win."

The 23-year-old explained that he had multiple conversations with the YMCMB rapper about working together before it finally came to fruition. "I've been running into Drake for some years and every time I run into him he tells me that he likes what I do, and he wanna work [together], so the time came."

"I sent him a beat, he liked the beat, said 'this the one, I'ma hop on,' so he hopped on it and we're about to shoot that video too," he added. "We were going back and forth on the phone about the record, then he sent the verse back. That's how it goes most of the time nowadays because everybody be on the road doing their thing."

Though he wouldn't reveal what he has in store for that video, he confirmed that his album is near completion, with a March 18 release date firmly locked in.

"It's like 90 percent done. We're going in and just tweaking stuff," he said. "I feel like I wanna put another record on there right now. We're in the fourth quarter, [with] a minute and seconds to go — we're up though, by like 10, and I might put 10 more on the board with one minute and 30 seconds left."

YG already has a solid body of work under his belt, with several mixtapes, but now he's ready to compete in the major league.

"It's gonna put me on that level with all the other mainstream artists," he said. "I've been considered an underground artist because I've been doing mixtapes and indie tours on my own, but this is gonna put me [in the] mainstream because the record label is gonna come in. They're gonna put all the money behind me. All that branding will take it to another level."