Zendaya Makes The Choker Cool Again In 'My Baby': Watch Now

The singer embraces '90s fashion in her video for 'My Baby.'

Zendaya is bringing the '90s back in her brand-new video for "My Baby," rocking everything from an Oakland Raiders Varsity jacket to chokers — oh, and multi-colored lipsticks, too.

While Zendaya let her killer dance moves rule her video for "Replay," this time the singer is a bit more relaxed, letting her hip-hop swagger speak for itself as she bounces to the beat. In fact, it's kind of hard not to notice that Zendaya is channeling her idol, '90s R&B star Aaliyah, in the video.

Not enough '90s references for you? Well, rapper Too $hort makes a cameo in the clip, serving as her hype man and introducing the visual, which also includes an appearance from Christina Milian.

"My Baby"is part of Zendaya's self-titled debut album, which dropped in September 2013. In the months prior to the release, the singer opened up about embracing both pop and hip-hop in her music.

"I'm kind of creating my own music and I'm kind of creating my own zone, my own lane as an artist. I want to do rhythmic pop," Zendaya told MTV News last year. "It's not necessarily your average pop song. It has some kind of urban edge, some kind of more hip-hop-ish tones to it that kind of edge it up and do something a little different so it's not just your stereotypical pop music."