Grammys Best New Artist Award Goes To.... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

After picking up three awards in the pre-telecast, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis finally hit the stage to accept Best New Artist trophy.

My, what a difference a year can make. In 2013 the names, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, weren't even a whisper at the Grammy Awards, but on Sunday night the Seattle-based duo continued their big sweep with a trophy for Best New Artist.

Before the show even aired, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had already picked up three awards for Best Rap Album with The Heist, plus Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song with "Thrift Shop." To clinch that, they hit the stage after Beyonce and Jay Z's sexy performance to accept the coveted award for Best New Artist.

"First and foremost, I want to thank our fans, the people that got us on this stage," Macklemore said, addressing the audience. "Before there was any media, before there was any buzz about us, before there was a story, there [were] our fans. It spread organically through them, so without them there would be no us."

Macklemore spoke on behalf of himself and Ryan Lewis, going on to thank his fiancé, parents and team for sacrificing everything to make their success possible.

It was the first time that the duo made their way onstage to officially accept a Grammy award, but on the red carpet they talked to MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway about their controversial win for Best Rap Album. They were pitted against genre favorite, Kendrick Lamar, whom Macklemore himself nominated as the favorite, but ultimately they won anyway.

"I didn't know that Best Rap Album was not televised...interesting, I'll leave it at that," he said to Sway, taking a quick swipe at the Grammy's reputation for downplaying Urban categories.

Macklemore then went on to explain what he would have said if he was given the opportunity to accept the Best Rap Album Grammy onstage. "It's a beautiful time in hip-hop, where people are pushing the comfort zone of the listeners. I think we are, humbly, one of those five people and we should be in [that category]. I'm just trying to push the genre and make music that documents my experience on this earth, via hip-hop music."

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were nominated for seven awards in total, and they are still up for Album of the Year. Will they take home all of the gold on Sunday night?