Lorde Hangs With Rihanna And Katy Perry At Pre-Grammy Party

The 17-year-old Grammy nom watches Grimes, wows Lance Bass before Sunday's show.

Lorde landed in Los Angeles three days ago, and since then, she's been running through the most indie Grammy week since Arcade Fire rocked the Ukrainian Culture Center back in 2011.

On Friday night, she caught Grimes' set at the Skullcandy and RocNation pre-Grammy party at the House of Blues on Sunset, and was severely taken by the opening act, Canadian duo Majical Cloudz, calling their show "one of the most simple and moving things I have ever seen, ever."

Of course, Lorde wasn't the only star who was in the audience ... based on several tweets and pics, it looks like Rihanna, and Katy Perry also came out, too, proving that they hype surrounding Grimes (aka 25-tear-old Claire Boucher) is very real indeed.

That said, neither Katy or Rih spent the day before the show shopping for Santeria candles at a store on La Brea, which sort of seals Lorde's O.G. indie status.

And ahead of her performance on Sunday night's Grammy telecast, Lorde also found some time to practice at a Delta-sponsored party on Thursday night. Oh, and she definitely wowed one famous fan: former *NSync-er Lance Bass.