Justin Bieber Out Of Jail After DUI Arrest

Singer released on $2,500 bail after arrest on DUI and resisting arrest charges and admitting to drug and alcohol use.

Hours after his arrest early Thursday morning (January 23) in Miami Beach on suspicion of drag racing and DUI and having an expired license, Justin Bieber appeared via video link in front of a Miami judge in the case.

Bieber, who reportedly admitted to drinking beer, smoking marijuana and taking prescription anti-depressant drugs in the hours before taking the wheel of a rented yellow Lamborghini, was silent while in court dressed in his orange jailhouse jumpsuit, according to an ABC News report.

The Miami Herald reported that law enforcement sources said Bieber's breathalyzer test did not show significant alcohol impairment. He reportedly blew a .014 and .011, which is well below the legal limit and too low for state authorities to even suspend his license.

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Bieber was taken into custody after Miami police said they observed him and friend rapper Khalil drag racing in a residential community while a number of black SUVs blocked off traffic for them. The paper said a police source described the 19-year-old singer failing a field sobriety test "miserably" and later agreeing to another breathalyzer test and blood scan while in custody.

A "Drug Recognition Expert" evaluated Justin in custody and concluded that he was driving under the influence of a controlled substance, though the substance was not specified at press time. The judge in the case set Bieber's bail at $2,500.

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Sources at the SET nightclub told the Herald that Bieber drove up in the yellow Lambo Wednesday night with a group of friends and sat shirtless in a VIP room and ordered Red Bulls and water. The group stayed until 3 a.m., at which point Bieber is said to have gotten into the $260,000 2013 Gallardo with an unnamed Miami woman who he picked up in the club; those accounts appear to jive with pictures posted by Bieber's racing pal, Def Jam rapper Khalil of the singer with local model Chantel Jeffries

The charges of DUI, resisting arrest without violence and driving on a suspended license are all misdemeanors which could get him up to six months in jail and trigger a six-month license suspension. Per Florida law, Bieber was required to spend eight hours drying out in lockup after his DUI arrest. The state has a zero tolerance law for underage drinkers that will likely require Bieber to enroll in a substance abuse evaluation and course.

Khalil was charged with DUI, with bond set at $1,000