'Vampire Diaries' 100th Episode Will 'Seal Someone's Fate'

The show will celebrate its 100th episode with 'a significant handful of surprise cameos,' executive producer Julie Plec teased.

Everything is about to change for the crew on the "Vampire Diaries" during Thursday's (January 23) episode. With the show celebrating its landmark 100th episode, those closest to the series admit that fans will be floored by the developments that take place this week.

"We wanted the episode to be really special and to have a lot of impact and to be fairly game-changing, so when we cured Katherine last year, we knew that this season would be about her as a human, starting to disintegrate and her actual age starting to catch up with her, and that was her ultimate fate," executive producer Julie Plec shared with MTV News.

In fact, for much of season five, fans have been treated to watching former bad-girl vampire Katherine (Nina Dobrev) die right before their eyes. And this episode will not only explore that, but also reflect on her impressive life over the course of that last 500 years.

"And, so it felt like the 100th episode was the perfect opportunity to seal her fate, so to speak, and really explore this character who for basically five seasons has been nothing but a delightful, but horrific pain in everyone's ass," Plec dished. "I definitely don't know how Katherine is going to get out of this predicament, so there's definitely a lot of celebrating, a little bit of grieving and a lot of self-reflection from Katherine herself as she realizes this seems to be the end."

And if fans have delighted in watching Katherine squirm as she deals with mortality, the writers have also loved writing it.

"It's been so much fun 'cause we spent so much time really exploring the physiological differences of being a vampire and the fun attached to being a vampire and the horrible things attached to being a vampire," she said. "And for Katherine, who loved being a vampire, to have to deal with all the horrible parts of being human has been really, really fun."

Candice Accola, who plays Caroline on the series, noted that this particular episode is definitely for the fans.

"You're gonna get so many moments that they've been rooting for and hoping for and we're gonna get to really learn about the root of who Katherine is," she said. "[You're] just gonna learn all about this character who affected all of our favorite characters' lives. It's been very fun to see Katherine, as a human, to suffer from very human ailments."

So, what are the moments fans should get really excited for? Without going into specifics, Plec shared, "A Katherine Pierce drinking game, a significant handful of surprise cameos, some massive relationship twists and surprises, and a decision by Damon about his future with Elena."

"The Vampire Diaries" 100th episode, titled "500 Years Of Solitude," airs at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.