'Spider-Man': With Woodley Out, Who Should Play Mary Jane?

The 'Divergent' star tells MTV News she's unlikely to appear in 'Amazing Spider-Man 3,' so who should replace her as Mary Jane?

Face it, tiger — you need to start looking for a new jackpot.

At Sundance, actress Shailene Woodley spoke with MTV News about the possibility of playing Mary Jane Watson in "The Amazing Spider-Man 3," after her role was cut from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." To hear her tell it, Woodley's upcoming schedule with the next two "Divergent" films could stand in the way of her reprising the Mary Jane role — leaving the part wide-open, should the character appear in the third "Amazing Spider-Man" as expected.

With Woodley all but out of the running, it's worth thinking about who can step in with their own take on Mary Jane. Here are a few actors we have in mind:

Margot Robbie

The "Wolf of Wall Street" leading lady is on the rise, thanks to her fantastic work in Martin Scorsese's fantastic drama. In the past few days, Robbie has booked two new roles, in the upcoming "Tarzan" remake and in the post-apocalyptic drama "Z for Zachariah." Clearly, Hollywood is getting in the Robbie business while the getting's still good, and it'll only be a matter of time before she's approached for superhero movies — if she hasn't been already.

If Robbie's interested in the comic book movie scene, then there are few characters she's better suited for than Mary Jane. Outwardly and inwardly gorgeous in every sense of the word, Robbie fits MJ to the letter(s).

Megan Boone

As special agent Elizabeth Keen on "The Blacklist," Boone has a weekly televised platform to show off her talents. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's kind, but she can be menacing and deadly in the blink of an eye — all of which are key attributes when it comes to Mary Jane.

She's not the most famous name on this list, but Boone could be a bargain for the "Spider-Man" creative team. It would certainly be the breakout role that Boone deserves, one that would rightfully put her on everyone's radar.

Kerry Washington

Like Boone, Washington has a regularly televised forum to showcase her talents, as Olivia Pope on "Scandal." Washington is fierce, bold, confident and sexy — again, everything you want out of Mary Jane. She is, in a word, a knockout, just like Mary Jane.

Sadly, one can already imagine a certain sect of fandom lashing out against Washington replacing the traditional "red-headed vixen" image associated with MJ. Andrew Garfield would certainly have no issues in that department — in fact, if he had it his way, Mary Jane would be a man! But from this writer's perspective, it doesn't matter if MJ is white, black, red or green — she just needs to be played by someone in tune with the character's spirit. Washington fits that bill and then some.

Jennifer Lawrence

Are you sick of the "Hunger Games" star yet? Neither are we! Sure, she has Mystique on lock in the "X-Men" universe, but there's always room for more comic book movie roles — just ask Ryan Reynolds.

Lawrence brings the "girl next door" vibe that Kirsten Dunst provided to the original "Spider-Man" trilogy. Not only that, but she lends Oscar credibility to the picture as well; by the time she stepped into the role, it's very likely that she'd be a two-time Academy Award winner, thanks to "American Hustle."

Emma Stone

What, we can't just dye her hair red again and have her play MJ as a Gwen Stacy doppelgänger? Really? Fine — then we say forget Mary Jane, keep Gwen alive. It's too sad to imagine the "Amazing Spider-Man" series without Stone's involvement.

Who would you cast as Mary Jane, if Shailene Woodley isn't available for the role?