Mark Ruffalo Promises More Great Hulk Moments For 'Avengers' Sequel

Plus, Zoe Saldana got 'choked up' hearing about next 'Avatar' stories.

Park City, UT — With "Batman Vs Superman" delayed until 2016, Marvel owns the summer of 2015 with both "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man." In a recent interview with Parade, Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow, revealed that she has already read Joss Whedon's script, which she called "dark" and "dry."

When we spoke with Mark Ruffalo and one of the newer members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zoe Saldana, at the Sundance Film Festival, where they were promoting "Infinitely Polar Bear," the Hulk actor agreed with Johansson's estimation of the script and elaborated a bit.

"I would say that it's better, it's cooler, it's more awesomer," he said. "It's a little bit darker, but also really has Joss Whedon's incredibly, witty and sly sense of humor."

Ruffalo's character was obviously one of the best elements of the original "Avengers," but would he get the same kind of fan-favorite moments in the sequel? According to Ruffalo, fans shouldn't worry. "[Bruce Banner] gets to do such great stuff," he said.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" isn't the only trip to another world that Saldana is making in the next few years. She recently signed on for the next three "Avatar" movies, which James Cameron is currently prepping.

Saldana said she wasn't surprised that Neytiri would be sticking around for three sequels, since she found out long before the general public. "I knew. I knew for a while," she said. "Then it was confirmed last fall when they approached us, already telling us these are the dates, lock yourself, we would like you to start getting ready around this time."

The actress has already made a trip down to New Zealand, where production will take place, to see the work that Cameron has already done.

"I went down to the studio that they've been setting up for the past three years. It was wonderful," Saldana said. "Jim took us and gave us a tour of all the reference pictures, telling us the stories. I haven't been able to read the scripts. They're still working on them. We kind of get choked up. [Cameron] gets emotional telling us about the story. I get emotional hearing about it, so I'm looking forward to it."