Hear Rachel Bilson's Story Of Nearly Becoming A Disney Princess

The 'Hart of Dixie' star tells MTV News about that one time she auditioned for 'Tangled.'

Rachel Bilson has been a constant presence on our TV and movie screens for years, but the actress told MTV News that she may have missed her true calling: being a Disney princess, ruling over her subjects from atop an animated throne.

While discussing "Frozen," which "Hart of Dixie" star Bilson called the "best movie ever," she revealed that she had auditioned for a role in another Disney flick: 2010's "Tangled."

"I auditioned for 'Tangled' right before Mandy Moore, and it's a little embarrassing," Bilson said, admitting that her audition song was Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." In her defense, the producers allegedly told her that the movie's songs would have a "folky sound."

"Obviously I didn't get it."

The lead role for the tress-blessed Rapunzel musical went to former pop princess Moore. Bilson said that despite her missed shot, "I was born to be a Disney princess!"

She doesn't hold it against the studio, however, reiterating her love for the newly Academy Award-nominated "Frozen," which received nods for both Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song.

"My girl Kristen Bell killed it," she said. "Gotta give props to that, because she was amazing. I've got the songs stuck in my head. It's pretty embarrassing."