Has The 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Script Leaked?

Script pages from director Bryan Singer's new 'X-Men' movie have reportedly leaked online, revealing details about the upcoming sequel.

The future is in jeopardy — the future of "X-Men: Days of Future Past," that is.

Director Bryan Singer's new X-Men film (and his first time behind the lens of an X-Men movie since "X2: X-Men United"), "Days of Future Past," hits theaters this coming May, but perhaps some fans already know what they're in store for — and not just because they've read the comic books that "Days of Future Past" gets its name from.

Radar Online reports that they've received leaked script materials from "Days of Future Past," including "how the first scenes of the movie will unfurl." According to the report, Radar Online was contacted by "a source who was looking to sell [the script] to a media publication," an individual who claims to be "one of up to 100 people who had access to, in all, at least 400 printed copies of the document."

The script leak is unverified, but if it's authentic, then we know how "Days of Future Past" begins. We'll spare you the specific details here, but the leak reveals which actor gets the first line in "Days of Future Past," details about the action film that sets the movie off, and potentially even the film's very first casualty — a character we've met in previous "X-Men" films. If you're unafraid of potential spoilers, you can find out more about the "X-Men" leak over here.

Assuming the "Days of Future Past" leak is real, it's not the first or even highest-profile leak surrounding an "X-Men" film. In 2009, one month before the release of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the entire film leaked online — on April Fool's Day, no less. Gilberto Sanchez, the man responsible for uploading the bootlegged "Wolverine" work-print, was subsequently sentenced in 2011 to a year in federal prison for the crime.

What do you make of the reported "Days of Future Past" script leak? Do you think it's an authentic leak, or just a rumor?