The 4 Things Emma Watson Has Been Doing Since You Last Saw Her

After a big summer, the young actress stepped out of the spotlight to make Hermione Granger proud.

Emma Watson had a big summer, stealing the show in "This Is the End" and actually stealing things in "The Bling Ring," but after spending the warmer months of the year in the spotlight, the former "Harry Potter" actress has taken a step back.

So where has she been? Watson spoke with MTV News last night on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards, and she told us what she's been up to, among a few other updates from her life.

To find out where Emma Watson has been, check out our quick recap below.

She's been studying.

Watson's main answer was that she's been finishing up her time at Brown University. "I've been studying. I'm going to graduate in May, so I've been focusing all of my energy toward that," she said. "That's been it really."

She's been watching movies.

The past year was so good for movies that Watson has also been seeing lots of films. "I loved 'Philomena.' I thought 'Blue Jasmine' was incredible. I loved 'Rush,' '12 Years a Slave,' everything. There was some really, really amazing stuff."

She's been wearing unique awards attire.

For her outfit last night, it was dress in the front, pants in the back. "I was a little nervous about it. I'm wearing pants," she said. "I don't know if you can see that. I'm wearing trousers underneath my dress, but it felt really comfortable and was a bit different. I thought I'd just go with it."

She's been hoping for "Beauty & the Beast" to finally get made.

The fairytale project has been in development with director Guillermo del Toro for so long, who knows if we'll ever see it. "I hope so," Watson said about the project's prospects. "[Del Toro] always has so many things he's working on at once, so we're still putting it together. I hope so."