Zedd's Acoustic 'Stay The Night' Is Just The Beginning Of A 'Different' 2014

German producer talks to MTV News about what made 2013 so 'perfect,' and how he plans to make 2014 even bigger.

Zedd fans were surprised with a special treat from the German producer Wednesday afternoon when an acoustic version of "Stay the Night" hit the Internet, complete with a docu-style video.

It's a fitting start to the new year after the star's explosive 2013, which included his double platinum-selling album and a Grammy nomination for "Clarity," which he described to MTV News as a life-altering track — despite the fact that it almost didn't get finished in time for his album.

"It's pretty amazing. ['Clarity'] changed my career, and it changed my life without a doubt. I am now able to play in any country or city in the world and I know that people will know a song," he said. "2013 was pretty much a perfect year."

So what else is on the the agenda for 2014? The 24-year-old producer promises new music and a new tour.

"I want to take everything to the next level." He told MTV News. Although he wouldn't go as far as using the word "better," he insists all of his new music will be "more different, and more diverse."

No collaborations have been nailed down yet, but he has quite a few names in mind.

"I have a long list of maybe 50 artists I want to work with," he told us. "A lot of people that people won't expect me to work with, and a lot of artists that people have never heard of, I think it will be really great."