Audio Push Break Down 'Shine' Video Frame By 'Feel Good' Frame

Come As You Are rappers take MTV News behind their 'Friday'-themed clip.

Audio Push are riding high into the New Year off the strength of their Come As You Are mixtape. Propelled by the standout single "Shine," Pricetag and Oktane are getting a ton of light — not just because of their catchy tunes, but their brilliant music videos as well.

Earlier this week, AP dropped visuals for their "Tis the Season" collaboration with Joey Bada$$, but it is the video for "Shine" that has gotten the most attention. Inspired by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker's 1995 classic comedy "Friday," the California rap duo delivered a cool clip that recreates scenes from the tried and true favorite.

"We made sure we had everything from the chains to the pagers — everything that they had in the real, original movie, we tried to execute," Pricetag told MTV News. "This video, we were into just bringing smiles back to videos and light. There's so much darkness to videos nowadays; we wanted to bring some peacefulness and just make people smile and feel good."

The pair, along with their producer buddy Hit-Boy, shot the music video back in August while on the road with Lil Wayne during a Chicago stop on his America's Most Wanted Tour. "The neighbors in Chicago came out looking like, 'What are these kids doing?' because we were in the suburbs. But they showed us love," Price recalled.

In the video, Pricetag plays the role of Ice Cube's Craig Jones and Oktane takes on the role of Chris Tucker's marijuana-loving Smokey. "If you seen 'Friday,' you can't not like this video," Oktane boasted.