Kanye West Resolves To Stop ‘Talking Sh–‘ In 2014

Yeezy vows never to mention Nike or the Grammys again.

As 2013 draws to a rapid close — tomorrow night! (December 31) — we’re all apt to make sweeping promises to do better this coming year. Gym memberships, kicked habits, an end to poor romantic choices — you name it, someone has resolved it. Well, Kanye West recently made a new year’s resolution that we would all do well to add to our list of flimsy promises: He’s going to stop “talking sh–.”

During his last Yeezus date in Toronto, ’Ye took the stage to deliver one of his famous stream-of-consciousness speeches — you know, the ones in which he has, in the past, railed against the fashion world, Bruno Mars, the Grammys, etc.

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