Is A New 'Batman: Arkham' Video Game Coming In 2014?

From Joker to Superman, our best guesses on the mysterious teaser.

The official "Batman Arkham" Facebook page, home to the video game series that includes "Arkham Asylum," "Arkham City," and "Arkham Origins", set fans in a tizzy when they posted a simple graphic this week. Emblazoned only with the words, "Save The Date" and "12.31.2013," as well as a note to visit the Facebook page on New Year's Eve for more details, the tease is pretty light on info.

But that doesn't mean your faithful reporters at MTV News haven't begun to speculate on just what's coming before 2013 turns into 2014. Here's what we're guessing, based on what we know:

The Wedding of Joker and Harley Quinn

Smart money says that the announcement will be the long-promised "additional story content" for "Batman: Arkham Origins." The developers of the game announced there would be an expansion launched at some point in 2014, and it would delve deeper into the relationship between two unspecified characters. Given the "Arkham City" expansion focused on Harley Quinn, it only makes sense we'd see more of the popular villainess this time around as well.

So why "The Wedding of Joker and Harley Quinn?" There's the "Save the Date," of course, which makes us immediately think of weddings. But in terms of undeveloped relationships, when we last leave Joker and Harley in "Arkham Origins," they have yet to truly begin their relationship, and Quinn hasn't transformed from mousey psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel into full swing, crazy Harley. By the beginning of "Arkham Asylum," the duo are definitely in cahoots. So wouldn't it make sense to connect the prequel to the first game in the series with some additional story content?

The Wedding of Batman and Talia al Ghul

Alternately, we could see more of the relationship between Batman and villain Talia al Ghul, something that was hinted at heavily in "Arkham City," but also never seen. In the comics, Talia and Batman were briefly married both in deed and in name, so it would follow that we might see the same origin story here.

Calendar Man

The date-obsessed villain appears at the beginning of "Arkham Origins," about to be executed, but never appears again. He's also referenced in the other two games, but players have yet to battle the vicious serial killer. Given he's free and on the run throughout "Origins," but back in prison at the beginning of "Asylum," it's possible the "Save the Date" refers to his M.O. and not a wedding at all.

Batman: Gotham Origins

This is a long shot, but given 2014 is Batman's 75th Anniversary, it would make sense for Warner Brothers to release another in the best-selling game series this year. And what better to kick off the Year of Batman than a newly announced game? Given the art deco styling of the graphic posted on Facebook, we're going to take a huge leap and say this could be a game that goes even further back in time than "Arkham Origins," to show the beginnings and development of Gotham.

The potential problem with this is, of course, that you don't have a Batman or any of his rogues gallery if you're setting the game during World War I. But for those who read the comics (by current writer Scott Snyder in particular), you know there's enough intrigue, mysteries and action featuring the founding fathers of Gotham to fill a whole game, and more. Focus on Batman's father Thomas Wayne, through the epically villainous Court of Owls (a mysterious enclave that has controlled Gotham since its founding) and you'd have something excitingly new that completely revamps the series.

Batman vs. Superman

An even longer shot, but one commenter noticed the styling of the announcement looked more like Clark Kent's Metropolis than Batman's Gotham. With a movie coming in 2015, how sweet would an accompanying game be? Pretty darn sweet, and with Superman's less-than-savory treatment on consoles, we'd love to see the "Arkham" team take on the Man of Steel.

Batman As Baby New Year

Maybe this is all just a lead-up to a picture of a fresh-faced Batman in a diaper? Regardless, we'll know more on December 31.