Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper 4Evah: What They Should Do Next

From Shakespeare to a horror movie, we have suggestions. Big suggestions.

Whether they're busting a move in "Silver Linings Playbook," sporting disco fashion in "American Hustle," or teaming up for a Depression-era thriller that dances around the themes of marriage and madness in "Serena," Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper make such a pretty cinematic pair; and frankly, we see no reason why their run of delightful on-screen team-ups should ever have to end.

The only problem: After the 2014 release of "Serena," in which Cooper and Lawrence play, respectively, a North Carolina timber baron and his carnivorously ambitious wife, there aren't any more movies in the works for the two. Which is a travesty, but one that could be easily remedied. Here are five collaborations we'd like to see the pair set on fire with their fierce chemistry:

Talking Pretty, Shakespeare-Style

J-Law and Coops are masters of effortless banter, which would be even more fun to watch within the framework of a comedy by the Bard. How cute would these two be in "The Taming of the Shrew"?

Getting Edwardian In A "Pride & Prejudice" Reboot

It's been several years since the last movie version of a Jane Austen's classic romance, which means that another remake should totally be in the works by now. (Look, if Spider-Man can get himself a new franchise after only five years, bringing the Bennetts and Mr. Darcy back to the big screen should be a no-brainer.) All the actors need is a pair of passable English accents, and we know Jennifer Lawrence will bring the sass when it comes to Lizzie's acerbic quips.

Screaming Their Faces Off In A Horror Flick

It's a formula we've all seen before: couple on honeymoon/vacation/road trip must fight for their lives against a herd of mutants/serial killers/hillbilly cannibals who want to make them into chili. But with two Oscar favorites helming the production, even the most unoriginal screamy story line could be super-fun to watch.

Trading Courtroom Barbs In A Legal Rom-Com

Is it too early to declare that Lawrence and Cooper are the new Hepburn and Tracy? Because c'mon, they so are. And the classic Hepburn-Tracy film, "Adam's Rib," in which two married lawyers find themselves at odds over a tough case that revolves around traditional gender roles has long been awaiting an onscreen duo who could do it justice in a slightly more up-to-date remake.

A Cooper Cameo In One Of Lawrence's Franchises

Listen, Hollywood: it's not too late to just casually insert Bradley Cooper into a brief cameo role in either "The Hunger Games" or "X-Men." Have him show up in District 13 in "Mockingjay: Part 1"! Cast him as a muttation in "Mockingjay: Part 2"! Give him a role in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" as a random Class 1 mutant who can turn into a pineapple! The details don't matter, really. And what you lose in basic plot cohesion, you'll gain in the warm, soothing glow of a little Cooper-Lawrence shared screen time.