Selena Gomez Celebrates Thanksgiving With Homecoming Performance In Dallas

Gomez kicked off the Salvation Army's annual campaign with a halftime performance in Dallas.

Selena Gomez headed back to her home state of Texas on Thanksgiving to help kick off the Salvation Army's annual Red Kettle campaign with a halftime performance at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

She strutted her way through a three-song set at the 50 yard line, backed by an army of dancers, flag bearers and cheerleaders, kicking things off with "Like a Champion" — a phrase the Cowboys haven't been able to utter in almost two decades — then shedding her leather skirt midway through "Slow Down" to reveal some leather hot pants (NFL commish Roger Goodell probably held his breath for a sec) while fireworks flared.

Surrounded on the field by fans, Gomez wrapped up her brief performance with her biggest hit, "Come & Get It," which sadly, was not amended for the holiday (no "turkey and stuffing" in the chorus), and then, as the folks in Cowboys Stadium cheered, she wished them — and everyone waking up from their post-turkey comas at home — a "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Gomez's performance was just the second course of a day-long pop-culture feast: Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone and others started Turkey Day off with appearances in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Lady Gaga (and the Muppets) will bring things to a close later this evening with a star-studded Thanksgiving special.

It's a full day of TV. Better go refuel for the second half.