Pop Queen Taylor Swift Performs For A Prince

Singer performed at the Winter White Gala at London's Kensington Palace on Tuesday night for Prince William.

Taylor Swift has been looking for her prince charming for as long as we can remember. She finally got face-to-face with one on Tuesday night, though, unfortunately, he's already spoken for.

She was dubbed the American Music Awards princess
 on Sunday night, but at the Winter White Gala at London's Kensington Palace, Swift, 23, had to make do with sharing a microphone with England's Prince William.

Swift attended the benefit for at-risk youth hosted by Prince William, performing her hits "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Love Story" and "Fifteen" for the 600 guests. "I'm Taylor," she told the audience, according to reports. "It is very nice to meet you, especially under these circumstances. It is my first time playing at Kensington Palace, or any other palace for that matter ... I have to thank you, Prince William, for having me. It's amazing. To call attention to this age group especially, teens and young adults. It is hard enough being in your late teens to early 20s, then the fact that so many kids have to deal with so much more ... When I was 15 and I didn't get my way or invited to something or got rejected — which was a lot — I used to sit in my room and write songs."

After playing "Love Story," Swift revealed that she was not allowed to go on dates even at 17, but that she finally felt like she was living those teenage dreams. "This has reference to palaces, princes and princesses and it is very strange that I end up playing it in a palace," she said. Swift later revealed that the Prince was indeed charming, saying, "He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny."

What a long way she's come. From writing in her bedroom to rocking arenas to leaning in to lend her vocals to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" with Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, the Duke of Cambridge insisted that he would only sing if Swift joined him and Bon Jovi.

The event also featured appearances from singer James Blunt and rapper Tinie Tempah. Princess Kate, however, was not on hand, as she was attending to the royal couple's baby, Prince George.