Did One Direction Get Teary While Singing At AMAs, Or Was It Their Twinkly Eyes?

1D gives American Music Awards an emotional performance of 'Story of my Life.'

Right after Justin Timberlake won Best Male Pop/Rock Album, One Direction took the stage to perform "Story of My Life," and it seems like they took a page from JT's book when it came to getting dressed.

All five guys donned a suit (and tie), taking on the emotional Midnight Memories jam with soft opening verses and extra twinkle in their eye. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall each stared through the camera, singing their parts like pros. Harry kicked the song into full force, belting out "The story of my life, I'll take her home/ I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen."

Niall still had a little purple in his hair. (Long story short: Piers Morgan dared him to do it during 1D Day the day before.)

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The fivesome are smack dab in the middle of album promo. With their seven-hour-long live stream yesterday and their album release on Monday, One Direction are currently in British Invasion mode (as if they weren't before). On Tuesday, they will perform at "Good Morning America" on December 7, they will take the stage at "Saturday Night Live."

Sunday's 1D Day was billed as a giant "thank you" to fans, and the boys had plenty of cute, sincere and goofy moments. In a segment called "Harry Pottery," Harry and Niall remade a steamy scene from "Ghost" and later on, Zayn showed off his unknown ninja-star skills.

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