David Guetta Chooses '#Love' For 'The World Needs More...' Campaign

French producer talks to MTV News about working with the U.N. to use social media for the greater good.

David Guetta is best known for being a veteran of dance music and a hit-making machine, and now, the French producer is adding "philanthropist" to his resume.

Alongside the United Nations, Guetta has launched "The World Needs More...," a philanthropic and humanitarian campaign that aids victims of conflict and natural disasters, all powered by social media. When MTV News caught up with Guetta, he told us the recent typhoon in the Philippines inspired him to use his massive social media following for good.

"I really need everybody to tweet!" he told us when we caught up with him at the United Nations Headquarters Friday night (November 22). Guetta has endorsed the word #love, which means that every time someone uses the hashtags #theworldneedsmore #love, he donates $1. (Other businesses have endorsed words like "dreams," "hope" and "dialogue.") For Guetta, choosing this word was obvious.

"I'm all about love, my songs, what I'm trying to achieve when I'm performing onstage, is that feeling like we are one," he said. "That's my goal when I perform, why aren't we feeling like one as a planet? That's love."

In honor of his new project, the DJ/producer paired with indie singer Mikky Ekko for the campaign's title song, "One Voice." Mikky Ekko stood out to Guetta when he first heard his collaboration with Rihanna on "Stay," --- "Oh my god, this is really next level," he remembers thinking -- and knew he would be the perfect person for the track. The video for the track premiered on the side of the United Nations building in New York City.

"My hope is that every one of my videos does 100 million views, if we can get 100 million people watching the videos, sharing and tweeting, that would be a lot of money."