19 Things About Justin Bieber That Will Turn The Most Determined Hater Into A Belieber

We round up the kindest, sweetest things the kid has done in order to put haters to bed.

Sure, Justin Bieber had a #BadDay .. or two… in South America recently. He may have even gone after some paparazzi a few months back, and there was something in the news about a mop bucket, but that doesn’t mean the 19-year-old is “All Bad.”

Here are 19 reasons why you should be a Belieber:

1. He Started From The Bottom
Maybe that’s Drake thing, but it’s true. Bieber started off banging pots and pans until manager Scooter Braun found videos of him singing on YouTube. With a co-sign from Usher, the young Kidrauhl launched into stardom.

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