'Catching Fire' Star Jena Malone Relives Her Worst Day On Set

Plus news on the 'darker, deeper' sequel 'Mockingjay.'

Jena Malone is getting cried on. A lot. The actress may play the hard-as-nails Johanna Mason in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," but off-screen she's been treated to her fair share of weepy blubbering.

"My first experience was on the mall tour, and just being anointed with girl's tears," Malone told MTV News on the "Catching Fire" red carpet in Los Angeles. "So many girls were crying that literally my shoulder was soaked."

Rather than turn off the actress, she seems to feed on fans tears, like some sort of teenage Mason Verger. That's a reference to the book version of "Hannibal," by the way.

"If this could be the only job I ever did, to comfort passionate, amazing, inspiring women, then yes," Malone continued. "I will do whatever I have to do. We're a little jetlagged, the tour has been crazy... But you get out of that car, and it's just heartfelt. It's the sweetest, most inspiring thing. This whole kit and caboodle is for them. So I hope they're having a good time and treated well."

Though Malone seems to revel in the saline sweetness of human tears, she's not as big a fan of fake blood. Citing one scene later in the film: "The blood rain scene was really hard. Just being covered in blood every day, and the sea breezing into you, and you can't eat, and you can't sit down, and you can't drink without things sticking to you... It was really easy to be pissed off that day."

That doesn't mean that Malone isn't excited to get back on set, with "Mockingjay -- Part 1 and Part 2" already behind the cameras for the past month.

"[Suzanne] Collins created such an incredible trilogy," Malone said. "One of the best things is the arcs of these characters, you really get to go on a journey with them. They change so much. We're so happy to get back in there and get to the darker, deeper, richer material. It's gonna be amazing."

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is in theaters everywhere Friday, November 22.

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