9 Celebrity Selfies That Don’t Make Us Hate Selfies

Oxford Dictionaries has made 'selfie' the word of the year. MTV News looks back on 2013, the year of the selfie.

What’s that on the horizon? Oh, just the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yup, “selfie” has been declared the “Word of 2013” by Oxford Dictionaries, which means we must surely be huddling in Endtimes, blinded to the impending Big Bang by the light of our own cellphones.

Each year, Oxford Dictionaries chooses one word to highlight, a word that has become common parlance to an extreme degree in the last 365 days. “Selfie,” according to Oxford, has increased in usage 17,000% since this time last year — not that that should come as a shock if you have Facebook, Instagram or lungs. Selfies are everywhere, and with them, endless articles about the various atrocities folks commit when they turn the lens onto their own souls.

To stave off the depression — which is slightly mitigated by the fact that “twerk” was only an honorable mention on Oxford’s list — MTV News has gathered together nine selfies that can serve as beacons of hope in this dark, dark world. Notice the deliberate lack of duckface. You’re welcome.

Nicki Minaj

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