If Tyler, The Creator's Open Letter Isn't The Most Inspiring Thing Ever, We Don't Know What Is

The Odd Future head urges fans to 'Like Yourself, Then Like Your Ideas' and to follow your dreams.

On any given day Tyler, the Creator can be found referencing lyrics from Pharrell Williams' 2006 motivational tune "You Can Do It Too," and now, after the success of his Camp Flog Gnaw carnival and concert, the 22-year old Creator is singing a tune similar to his musical idol.

"Its Been A Week Since The Carnival, Which I Have Now Realized Was The Greatest Day Of My Life," the Odd Future mastermind wrote in a Tumblr post on Monday. "Seeing Everyone I Care About There Was Crazy. No, Thats Not Even The Part That Got Me Excited. Seeing What Some Stupid Little ideas Can Turn Into Is What Shocks Me."

There is a preconceived notion of Tyler as a bratty, foul-mouthed rabble-rouser and while his foul-mouthed, rabble-rousing antics and tirades surely contribute to his image, Tyler has accomplished a lot since he dropped his first Internet album Bastard in 2009. With all of the records sold and jam-packed concerts, it was November 9's second annual Odd Future carnival, which was held at the L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles that sits at the top of Tyler's list.

"We Threw A F---ing Carnival In The Middle Of Los Angeles With 10k Plus People. We Didnt Have Any Crazy Sponsors And I Didnt Have To Suck Up to Anyone Or Any Of That Sh--, WE Did It," he messaged, with his excitement jumping off the screen.

"Someone Retweeted An Old Tweet Of Mine From Feb 2012 Yesterday And It Read ' I Had A Dream That Kanye Invited Me To Perform LATE With Him. I Wish'. Kanye Came To The Carnival And I Performed Late With Him. My Favorite Song By Kanye, AN Album Cut He NEVER Does, Was Performed Not Only With But During My Set And My Carnival," he wrote in on and off caps of the rare performance which can now be seen on YouTube.

In the long and winding passage, Tyler wrote about all of the people who wrote him off and about the influence that Pharrell had over him, but ultimately, he just urged his fans to follow their dreams.

"I Just Want Who Ever Reading This To Know That Anything Is Possible, No Matter How Crazy It May Seem, Anything IS Possible You Just Have To Figure It Out. Get Your Self Esteem Up And Like Yourself, Then Like Your Ideas," he encouraged. "The World Is Yours Little N---a, And I Mean That. They Are Them, We Are Us, F--- Them All! OFWGKTA."