Dear Drake, The #StarbucksDrakeHands Guy Is Very Sorry

'I didn't mean to,' Brody Ryan says of making 'Hold On, We're Going Home' the anthem to parodies everywhere.

Everyone knows that Drake's sweet and sexy wannabe wedding song "Hold On, We're Going Home" is downright inescapable. Some fans probably imagine Drizzy holding them in his arms or saving a pretty young thing from kidnappers as he sings, but those familiar with #StarbucksDrakeHands see a man staring seductively into an iPhone as he holds a hand over his right eye.

And for that, Drake, Brody Ryan is truly, truly sorry.

"I didn't mean to," Ryan told MTV News of throwing Drake into the whole thing last month. You see, Ryan didn't plan on the track becoming the anthem for Internet parodies everywhere, just like he didn't plan for the video selfie he sent to Piper Kennedy to go viral.

"I thought 'This is the song,' and then it naturally kind of took on a life of its own," he said.

Whether he planned it or not, #StarbucksDrakeHands is what happened, garnering the attention of just about everyone and even a parody from Larry King. And even though he might have been slightly humiliated in the first few days, as a singer and songwriter, he used it as fodder for more music.

And while Drizzy is undoubtedly one of his favorite MCs -- he praised Nothing Was The Same as "a classic" and "one of his better albums" -- he's also heavily influenced by indie acts like Rhye along with more old-school MCs like Biggie and Tupac.

And perhaps it's with these legends in mind that Ryan sat down to write "15 Seconds of Fame," a four-minute kiss-off of sorts that aims to clear up what really went down between him and Piper.

See, while she maintains that the two met at Starbucks and that the video selfie was the first message he sent her, he says that's not at all true.

"The whole world's mocking me/ But she knows damn well we ain't never had no coffee," he speaks at the opening of the song, later spitting, "But you should see my Tinder list/ Exactly where I met that chick/ Swiped her to the right/ Thought I'd pipe her that night."

He goes on to brag about the popping champagne and calls Kennedy a "ratchet ass Topanga" on the seething "15 Seconds." In short, he's using his four minutes to set the record straight.

"I put myself out there in my music to be vulnerable," Ryan said. "Sometimes when your back's against the wall sometimes you don't always have an out let to express yourself... and the truth still wasn't getting told so that kind of not necessarily increased my animosity but it kind of rekindled my flame to wanna get out there musically and get my story told."