Lady Gaga Gives A Lesson On 'Chemistry' With R. Kelly In 'Do What U Want' Video

The Mother Monster opens up to MTV News about working with the R&B star on her new video off ARTPOP.

Lady Gaga is really making her "Do What U Want" release a collaborative process. Not only did she enlist R. Kelly to add some vocals to the song, but she recently also got friend and "Cake" director Terry Richardson to helm its upcoming video.

Since the video is likely to be somewhat epic given the team involved, we hoped she could offer some inside details about her latest ARTPOP visual. "Yes! I shot it last week with [photographer] Terry Richardson, and R. Kelly's in the video," she told MTV News on the red carpet of her ARTRAVE. "We had a great time. It was amazing. He's wonderful to work with."

So, how great of a time did Gaga and Kells have? "Me and R. Kelly in the video? We have really great chemistry," she teased. A release date for the video has yet to be confirmed.

"Do What U Want" is the second single off ARTPOP and is the follow-up to this summer's "Applause." On Monday (November 11), the day ARTPOP hit retailers, MTV News sat down with the track's producer, DJ White Shadow, who broke down how the Kelly/Gaga duet happened in the first place.

"When she started singing the song, we were on a bus in Europe and I was like, instantly, 'This is my favorite song. It's never going to stop that this is my favorite song on the whole record.' We had gone over the idea [of a collaboration] ... and I was like 'You know what would be awesome? R. Kelly.' And she was like 'Sure, let's do it.' "

He added, "It sounds awesome. He's just such a talented singer and writer and an amazing dude. And I knew they would get along. She sings amazingly and he sings amazingly."

And while White Shadow has yet to see the video, its director assured him it's pretty great. "[Terry] was reiterating last night about how awesome he thought it was," he teased. "I think he's been wanting to do videos for so long and I mean, like, 'Wrecking Ball' was such a huge success. I mean, it's Terry Richardson."