Now That Lady Gaga's 'Immortal,' What Does Her Giant, Nude Statue Really Mean?

Mother Monster tells MTV News that Jeff Koons' statue of her is 'a gift to young people.'

BROOKLYNLady Gaga is finally ready to give the world her new album, ARTPOP, out Monday (November 11).

The Mother Monster took over the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Sunday night to celebrate her latest pop opus, the follow-up to 2011's Born This Way. She debuted two new concepts, a flying dress prototype, called Volantis, as well as the massive Jeff Koons-designed statue of her.

Before taking the stage at the ARTRAVE, Gaga chatted with MTV News about the night's event serving as the culmination of the hard work she and her team of collaborators — including producers like DJ White Shadow, Madeon and Zedd, and art world stars like Marina Abramović — put into the creation of the album, as well as the visuals and concepts that mirror and expand on it.

"It's exhilarating. It's so exciting," Gaga gushed on the red carpet. "I mean, I can't even believe it and honestly we've been dreaming this up for so long that I'm walking around in a total dream state."

Gaga then dished about what it has been like to be working so closely with Koons specifically. The famed artist created a "larger than life" statue of the singer, nude with one of his gazing balls between her legs. The image was also featured as the main image on her album art.

"To see Jeff's sculptures everywhere and to see his name up here and to have it next to mine; you know it's really not for me. It's really for the fans," she said. "This is a living legend that has really reached out and given a gift to young people all over the world, and said 'I choose to validate this woman that you call Gaga, this woman that you love. And I choose to immortalize her in this art form.' And for him to do that and give us that gift this is showing the potential of any future young person to succeed in their life."