After A Really Bad Week, Justin Bieber Swears He’s Not ‘All Bad’

Singer's latest Music Mondays tune has him on the defensive against haters.

Justin Bieber is clearly going through a rough patch. After struggling through a “Bad Day” 
 last week (and we’re just talking about his latest single, not the graffiti charge 
 and the creepy sleeping photo), JB’s latest Music Mondays 
 offering has him breaking bad again.

For the latest installment in the series, Justin has offered up “All Bad,” which might describe how he’s feeling at the moment, as he told Beliebers on Sunday that he’s laid low with food poisoning in Argentina at the moment.

But, no, the song is actually a meditation on Bieber’s player reputation, in which the 19-year-old singer tries to explain to the ladies that they should ignore what they’ve seen, read or heard about him because, well, he “ain’t all bad.”

The ballad, which rides on a spare, hypnotic drum beat and spooky piano flourishes, has JB on the defensive against haters who try to bring him down. “Instigators, like pouring fire on propane/The wrong thing, they be worried about/Oh, you know females/And how they like to run their mouths,” he sings in the opening verse.

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