'The Walking Dead': What You Missed On 'Internment'

Hershel steps up, and a MAJOR SPOILER character returns.

This week on "The Walking Dead" we got an entire episode focusing on everyone's favorite one-legged veterinarian, Hershel. And though viewers who tuned out during the long, Hershel's farm focused season two might have dreaded that prospect, the episode was actually pretty great. Tense, emotional, and full of plenty of zombie action; here's the best moments from "Internment":

Moments Of Beauty, Dogs Eating Corpses

There may be no better encapsulation of "The Walking Dead" than the first few moments of this episode, which picks up mere seconds after the end of the last. Rick is driving back to the prison, still checking himself out in the rearview mirror; though now you can tell through Andrew Lincoln's excellent eyeball acting that he's deciding how to tell the group he exiled Carol. Interspersed with these silent shots are fall leaves blowing in the wind on a road, and a rotten corpse being eaten by some feral dogs. Silent beauty, contemplation, gross corpses? That's "Walking Dead" in a nutshell.

Rick Redeemed

The big question between last week's episode and this one was: how would the group respond to Rick exiling Carol? Turns out, we didn't have to worry that much. Hershel has an upset, off screen reaction, but Maggie just rolls with it - telling Rick it was a hard decision, but he made the right one. Next week, we'll see if Daryl and Tyreese feel the same way.

Hershel's First Kill

Sure Hershel has killed walkers before, but here he's forced to kill someone he knows from the prison. Actor Scott Wilson (who is excellent throughout the episode) perfectly channels his character's trepidation when he's forced to put down a member of the undead on his own for the first time.

Goodbye Glenn?

Though Glenn was ultimately saved by Maggie and Hershel, were we the only ones that thought the fan-favorite might be killed off when he lay on the floor of the prison, alone, choking on blood? Though we only lost nameless extras tonight, and the super-flu plotline seems to be over, kudos to the show for creating an atmosphere where we honestly believed one of their most popular characters could die.

Carl Is Just Down The Hall

The last few seasons the running joke has been that everyone always wants to know where Carl is at any given point. This episode, we get two of the exact same scene, with Rick calling for Carl, starting to panic, only to find it was just taking Carl a while to walk down a hallway. So problem solved: if you want to know where Carl is, he's down the hall.

Rick & Carl: Professional Rambos

After zombies take down not one, but two fences protecting the prison, Rick and Carl have some father/son bonding time by picking up semi-automatic weapons and blasting a nearly never-ending horde of the undead. Question: why didn't they just do that before the fences came down?

Hershel Vs. The World

Meanwhile, back in the prison it's Hershel versus every non-speaking member of the cast, as one by one the day players die of superflu and turn into zombies. Hershel's own transformation from fatherly doctor into action hero even gets a shout-out from a returning Daryl, and one of the best lines of the episode. "You're a tough sumbitch," says Daryl. "I am," replies a cool, confident Hershel.

Guess Who's Back?

The fences are mended. The infection is cured. Rick and Carl share a quiet moment eating fresh beans from the garden. And like an idiot who has never seen any movie ever, Carl says, "Everything's going to be all right!" The camera slowly pans out into the trees outside the prison, and there lurks everyone's favorite one-eyed villain: The Governor. Is he coming for their precious beans???

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