'Arrow' Easter Eggs Tease A 'Dark Knight Rises' Baddie

Plus all the other DC Comics Easter Eggs in "League of Assassins."

"Arrow's" latest episode, "League of Assassins" didn't just reveal huge secrets for heroes Oliver Queen and Sarah Lance: it was also a wealth of Easter Eggs for comic book fans. From the tease of a huge villain Batman movie fans will definitely recognize, to a reference to a major DC Universe location, here's a rundown of every egg we could find:

Nanda Parbat

Sarah Lance mentions she's spent the past few years in Nanda Parbat, which had been previously referenced in the Season One episode "Dead to Rights." Beyond giving a pretty major clue as to where we'll see last season's Big Bad played by John Barrowman again (his character and Lance were in Nanda Parbat at the same time), it's also a major location in DC Comics history. Essentially a comic book version of Shangri-La, Nanda Parbat is a hidden city in Tibet and home to a mystical entity named Rama Kushna. On "Arrow" it seems more in line with the Kung-Fu dojo Bruce Wayne trains at during "Batman Begins," though time will tell.

League of Assassins

The title of the episode itself was probably enough to make DC Comics' fans squee. It's an organization of vicious killers led by the nearly immortal Ra's al Ghul. Names casual fans may recognize from its membership over the years? Bane, Bronze Tiger (played on Arrow by Michael Jai White), and Ra's daughter, Talia.

The Child of Ra's al Ghul

This episode's baddie of the week Al-Owal, a.k.a. The First, doesn't have a comic book equivalent. However, he does drop a huge hint that "the child of Ra's al Ghul" is looking for Sarah Lance. As viewers of "The Dark Knight Rises" and the comics know, Ra's child is Talia al Ghul. There's another possibility here, though, as in the comics Ra's had a second child named Dusan. Dusan was an albino who was supposed to succeed his father in ruling the League of Assassins, though was never considered fit to rule by his Dad. Whether we'll see Dusan, Talia, or both coming up? Stay tuned.

Professor Ivo

The biggest reveal in the episode was Professor Anthony Ivo, a long running villain in DC Comics. His deadliest creation in the books was the robot Amazo, which had the power to mimic the powers of the entire Justice League. And coincidentally, his ship is named "Amazo." Yup, big coincidence. Though it's doubtful we'll see something so hyped up on the more realistic Arrow, it's not out of the realm of possibility we'd see a variation on one of his other creations like Red Volcano, a heat generating robot.


And of course, there was the canary that lands on Sarah Lance's makeshift raft in the ocean, giving her the name "Black Canary." Plus later her father mentions she's, "like a bird on a wire." Still no fishnets from her costume in the comics, but there's still time.

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