Jennifer Lawrence Reveals One Very Un-Ladylike Reason She Likes 'Catching Fire'

J-Law and her co-stars got very personal during a live Facebook panel Wednesday night.

She won an Oscar last year, and her name is often mentioned in the same breath as living legends like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett, but the thing Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed the most about her most recent film role happened off-camera (we hope): peeing in the ocean.

At least that's what she said during a "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" live panel at Facebook's headquarters Wednesday night (November 6), where she answered fan questions alongside castmates Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale), as well as director Francis Lawrence. Hutcherson, answering a question about the body-hugging wetsuits the characters wear for much of the movie in the tropical Quarter Quell arena, said they "weren't so bad" before being interrupted by notorious loose cannon Lawrence.

"They even worked when we got into the water!" she exclaimed.

A confused Hutcherson tried to clarify: "In what way? That we could pee through them? That's the good part?"

As it turns out, yes, that was the good part, according to Lawrence.

"That was the most fun part of 'Catching Fire'," she said. "[Josh and I] could run into the ocean and pee together."

There was even more potty talk at the half-hour panel discussion — Lawrence also revealed that while a wedding dress created for her character, she had to pee in a bucket because she couldn't fit over a toilet and "that's hard to do when you can't see" — as well as discussion of likelihood of dying by shark attack, the cast's Christmas plans and even some actual discussion of the movie.

November 22, the film's release date, may still be weeks off, but Wednesday may also go down as a banner day for fans of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." All day, the cast and director participated in Global Fan Day, making the rounds all over the ol' World Wide Web, answering fan questions in events throughout the day on Google Hangout, Twitter, Yahoo Entertainment's Tumblr and the film's official Facebook page.

At Facebook, the group showed off an exclusive clip, and revisited the film's trailer in front of a crowd of one hundred adoring fans. While the assembled crowd was thrilled with the footage, Lawrence took one key point away: girlfriend cries ugly.

"I really have to stop squeezing my cheeks," she said. "That's all I picked up from that trailer."

Later, she added that she tells herself, "'Oh my God. You have to find a prettier crying face. You need to keep it together.' I'm going to try to do more crying where it's like beautiful tears falling down my face and not changing anything, instead of this face."

She twisted her face up in a gremlin-like scowl.

Regardless of how you feel about J-Law's cryface, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will hit theaters November 22. Spoiler alert: she cries multiple times in the movie. Grab your popcorn.