What Exactly Was Cee Lo Green Smoking On 'The Voice'?

In an unexpected moment, the coach was caught puffing on camera during the first live show of the season.

If you happened to blink last night during "The Voice" top 20 live show, you probably missed it. Cee Lo Green smoking something on camera, that is.

The unusual moment took place after Team Adam's Grey finished her electric performance of "Still Into You," eliciting a gushing commentary by coach Blake Shelton. When the camera panned to reveal the reaction of the other celebrity coaches, we caught a glimpse of Green pulling an object out of his mouth and releasing two straight puffs of smoke from his nose. It was so perfect it seemed rehearsed. But it was not.

To backtrack, the eccentric coach was acting more erratic than usual almost from the start of the live competition. At one point, Green's enthusiasm for the stellar night of performances got the best of him and he ditched his political correctness and began ranting about how "The Voice" and its coaches and talent are the "best" on television. His far-out quotes were even more offbeat when he told contestant Nic Hawk, "Your ability is an irony that is undeniable," but plunged into the world of the bizarre when he referred to fellow coach Christina Aguilera as "Christine."

Now, aside from the fact that smoking (anything) inside a studio or soundstage is likely a fire hazard, you were probably left wondering the same question we all were: What the heck was Cee Lo Green smoking? In Green's defense, it could have been an electronic cigarette, a new trend among smokers trying to kick the habit.

The Goodie Mob vet has been in the spotlight due to drug charges, recently pleading not guilty to an ecstasy-related felony that could put him behind bars for four years.

MTV News reached out for comment and had not heard back by press time. We might never know exactly what Green was smoking last night, but we will definitely see him back in action tonight on "The Voice" as his team faces off with Team Christina in part two of the live shows. All we can say is keep your eyes peeled.