'Walking Dead' Burning Questions: What's Ahead For Carol?

The silver-haired warrior-woman's fate is up in the air in this week's round of 'Walking Dead' burning questions.

Warning: spoilers from the latest "Walking Dead" are ahead!

And just like that — she's gone.

Well, "gone" is an extreme word to use, considering what that usually means in the world of "The Walking Dead." At least Carol Peletier is still up and walking, and not as a walker. But her status as one of Rick's trusted allies has been revoked: in the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Indifference," Rick made the hard call to kick Carol out of the group, based on her decision to murder Karen and David to stop their deadly infection from spreading through the prison. Her plan failed, two lives were needlessly lost, and now Carol's out on her own.

But that's just one of the major developments from the latest episode. Let's talk about some of our other burning questions, shall we?

How Will Rick Explain That One?

I'm very interested to see how Rick handles the decision to banish Carol. After all, he told her that killing Karen and David wasn't her decision to make. Was banishing Carol Rick's decision to make? He needs to think very carefully about how he bring this up with council-members like Daryl, one of Carol's closest friends. If Rick tells the group that Carol died on the mission, he could get caught in a lie. If Rick tells them the truth about why he banished her, it could send Tyreese off on an even worse tailspin than before. Rick is on thin ice thanks to his latest leadership decision, but you could argue that the ice was breaking anyway.

Where Does Carol Go Now?

The writers have invested heavily in Carol's story this year. Maybe we won't see her for another few episodes, but you can bet that we'll see her again. Melissa McBride is doing her best work on the show with some very complicated material, and I think the goods are only going to get better for the actress, even as they get worse for the character. As far as where and how we'll see Carol next? It's hard to say. She could run into Daryl on the road and die immediately at Tyreese's hands. Or hell, she could cross paths with The Governor. He has no idea who she is, but she certainly knows him by reputation. That would be one way of keeping Carol close to the main story, now wouldn't it?

Where Does Tyreese Go Now?

Let's assume Carol gets the hell out of dodge and away from the prison crowd for a while. How does Tyreese move past that? I suppose the answer depends on how Rick presents Carol's disappearance. If Rick says Carol died, while revealing that she was Karen's killer, then Tyreese is going to have a whole lot of anger with no one to direct it at. If Rick says he released Carol because she's Karen's killer, then, well, Rick's going to have a Tyreese problem. Really, no matter how you slice it, Tyreese is going to be one very angry dude for a very long time.

What About Bob's Two Groups?

Forget the drinking. (Although I suppose it merits a quick mention: really, Bob? All that for a bottle of booze? And really, everyone else? You have time to stop in your tracks and lecture an alcoholic in the middle of a zombie chase? Weakest part of the episode by far.) For my money, I'm most interested in what Bob revealed about his past: He was the last man standing with two groups.

That seems like a solid revelation, one that seemingly wrecks my theory that Bob's up to no good. But poke a bigger hole in the question: Why was Bob the last man standing in two groups? Is it because he killed the groups? Or led to their deaths somehow? Maybe I'm just looking for a new villain to punch, but I will reiterate what I've said all season long: I do not trust Bob, not one bit.

How Far Has The Infection Spread?

The veterinarian college is about 50 miles away from the prison, based on information revealed in "Isolation." People at the college were sick and quarantined, with blood dripping from their ears, eyes, nose and mouth, just like the flu in the prison. So the infection has spread at least 50 miles away from the show's main action. It begs the question: Is this it? Is this the end-times of the end-times? You can always pop a zombie in the head and punch a Governor in the face. But how do you stop an airborne virus that's spreading all across the land? There might not be an answer — and it might be the first signal that "The Walking Dead" is approaching an end-game.

What are you burning questions from the latest "Walking Dead" episode? Let 'em loose in the comments section below!