Eminem On 'Saturday Night Live': Our Fantasy Skit List

In addition to Eminem's scheduled performance, we dream up a few possible Shady skits.

Eminem will be the musical guest on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," and judging from the promotional clips with Kerry Washington, it doesn't seem like Marshall will be letting his hair down and getting too wild.

Instead, fans are likely to get a pretty straightforward performance of a couple of Em's new singles — "Rap God," "Berzerk" or maybe "The Monster" — but we can still dream, can't we? Here are a few potential Eminem skits we'd love to see.

Eminem Cleans Out His Closet

What exactly has he been hiding in that closet, anyway? On his new single "Headlights," Eminem makes amends with his mother, Debbie Mathers, vowing that he'll never perform the scathing track "Cleanin' Out My Closet" again, but it's hard to shut that door for good without a final purge. We imagine that somewhere stashed in Em's closet would be a collection of Britney Spears albums, his first Elton John concert ticket, and maybe even the Olsen Twins (haven't seen them around in a while).

Shady Recreates Justin Timberlake's And The Lonely Island's 'Dick In A Box'

Eminem and Justin Timberlake weren't on good terms during the 'N Sync days, but both artists have come a long way since then. Expecting a Justin Timberlake feature on an Eminem track, or vice versa, might be out of the realm of possibility...unless, Em did something so ridiculous that JT just had to reach out. "Dick in a Box" redux, anyone? Timberlake and The Lonely Island did wonders for the Internet with the hilarious skits, and the only thing that could be infinitely times funnier is Eminem starring in the latest installation.

Stan Survived And He Still Wants To Meet Slim Shady

Yes, yes, we know: Eminem's #1 fan died tragically in the video for "Stan" after driving his car into a lake. But maybe Stan made a stealthy escape from that car and has been laying low for years now, simply waiting for the right moment to ambush his favorite rapper.

Eminem As Prince, As Dave Chappelle

What? OK, bear with us here. Surprisingly, Eminem and Prince have something in common: they're both great at parodies. Remember when Prince released the new cover art for his single "Breakfast Can Wait" featuring Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince? It was a reference to Charlie Murphy's "True Hollywood Stories" on "Chapelle's Show" about the infamous entertainer, and fans were amazed to see him make light of the sketches. Now, Eminem is no comedian, but he has become a master of parodying other artists in music videos throughout his career. It would be the ultimate Shady parody to have Eminem mimic Prince, but specifically if he was riffing on Chappelle's already infamous parody of Prince. Get it?