Demi Lovato's 'Let It Go' Video Debuts, And It's Super Empowering

The 'X Factor' judge floods the visual with light after a dark beginning.

Before she had blue hair, Demi Lovato seems kind of blue in her music video for "Let It Go."

Just in time for the weekend, the singer debuted the video, which including footage from the upcoming Disney animated film "Frozen" (the song is on the soundtrack). The video opens with a glam Demi, still in her blond-hair era, wearing black clothes. She looks a bit sullen in a mansion filled with piles of unread books, papers strewn about and the furniture unused and covered up. Demi makes her way through the estate, even sitting at the piano, playing with some of the treasures. With every room Demi goes through, it seems she begins to feel more and more empowered.

By the end of the video, Demi is a new woman, no longer wearing dark-colored clothes. She re-emerges in all white and the mansion is full of sunlight. The video's empowering message certainly pays homage to the film, which hits theaters on November 27. It stars Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel in the lead roles. Bell explained to MTV News about the premise earlier this summer.

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"The movie is about a pair of sisters — one who has the power to freeze things, and it happens when she is fearful or angry," she said. "And because of feeling terrified to show that to the world, she sort of runs away and freezes the town accidentally. I play the sister Anna, who makes it her mission to travel across these snowy lands and bring her sister back amidst the fact that they're fighting and kind of at that point hate each other. It's kind of how they make up and find love in the end."